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Prilled Urea is a common ice melt/de-icing solution that provides an alternative to traditional de-icing rock salt.

Prilled Urea is an alternative to traditional de-icing salt, known commonly as ‘Ice Melt’.  Prilled Urea melts ice down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our technical grade urea is a free flowing, solid de-icer in the form of white prills.  Prilled Urea is a fast acting de-icing agent that is used mainly on areas that are susceptible to corrosion such as;

  • Metal Structures, including stairs.
  • Concrete areas.
  • Multi-storey car parks.
  • Airports.

For use basically in any area where it has been advised to keep exposure to traditional de-icing salt to a minimum.  Prilled Urea can be ineffective when temperatures are frigid, when this is the case it is recommended to alternate between Prilled Urea and traditional de-icing salt.

The other main benefits of Prilled Urea are;

  • Does not damage concrete, lawns, shrubs or metals.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Bio-degradable
  • Safer Alternative for households with dogs or cats.

Please do note that over application can cause damage to vegetation.  All chemical products can have a negative effect on the environment.  It is recommended to flush all your concrete surfaces with water in the case of over application, or where you see damage being done on plants.  If flushed away onto your lawn, its fertilizer properties will help boost your lawn growth.

Chemical Composition and Properties

Total Nitrogen          min    46%

Biuret                       max    1.00% mm

Moisture                   max    0.3% mm

Formaldehyde          max    0.2  -  0.4 % mm

Insolubles                 max    0.02% m/m

Total Amonia            max    100 mg/kg

pH (10% urea solution)  max 10

Physical Properties

Particle Size -

1.00 mm - 3.00 mm      min 92%

<0.2 mm                        max 0.5%

Bulk Density                 720  760 kg/m3

Appearance/Colour        White free flowing prills essentially free from lumps and dust

Pack Size

Pallet of 48 x 25 kg bags

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Prilled Urea

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