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Salt and Grit Solutions distributes de-icing salt throughout the UK. The company formed in 2010 meaning that our first winter season was the ‘worst winter since records began’. During this winter many parts of the UK experienced temperatures as low as – 20oC! This was a great start to our business we learned to work quickly and efficiently to meet our customer’s requirements. To meet demand we often worked long hours each day to deliver our salt where it was needed, as promised. Our first winter confirmed for us the integral role that de-icing salt plays in keeping the country moving.

Our working ethos is still the same; we continue to work hard to provide great quality de-icing rock salt throughout the UK at affordable prices when our customers need it. We have a state of the art, high speed bagging facility on site that is capable of producing high volumes of different sized salt bags. The importance of salt supply during the winter months should not be underplayed, and as such our commitment to ensuring an adequate and responsive supply of salt is un-faltered. We are proud to be able to say that we have built our reputation on competitive prices, quality products and great service. Because we have no middle man to rely on, we are able to continue bagging salt out of hours to keep up with demand. For many of our customers this dedication is invaluable and is the reason we are chosen as their main salt supplier.

Everyone needs salt to keep them mobile during winter months, and as expected we have a diverse range of customers. From householders, to maintenance companies, local authorities and re-sellers – we deliver our salt direct to all our customers.


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