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Trailed Salt Spreader

This lightweight and compact  salt spreader has a load capacity of 215 litres/kg. It is an ideal spreader for use on roads and car parks, and is perfect for gritting companies. The spreader is designed to be towed by small vehicles that don’t have a P.T.O shaft.


Single Disc Salt Spreader

This brilliant salt spreader has a load capacity of 335 litres/kg making it great for spreading salt over large areas. The spreader is suitable for small tractors and attaches to the back of the vehicle. Our spreader comes with an agitator which helps to crush and distribute rock salt granules, and a deflector for spreading.


De-Icing Salt Spreader

Our spreaders make light work of distributing de-icing salt on your pavements or concourse. They are easy to handle and spread the right quantity of salt required, helping you make the most of your salt.


400 Litre Grit Bin

The most efficient way to store grit salt for easy access near roads and paths. Keeps your grit salt from losing it's effectiveness due to weather conditions. Makes using our high-quality grit salts that much more convenient for use on roads, paths and car parks.


200 litre stackable grit bin
200 Litre Grit Bin

A good sized grit bin to be placed in areas needing a good sprVery useful in protecting your grit salts from the elements. Perfect for holding our high-quality white and rock salts and for easy access when needed. Delivered swiftly by tail lift truck.


100 Litre Grit Bin

The smallest but most portable grit bin on offer. Effectively protects your grit salts from dampening and is much more easily moved to places that need gritting. A perfect choice to hold the fine grit salts we have on offer, White or Rock. Delivered on a pallet via tail lift truck.