De-Icing Kits

We supply everything you need to ensure a safe winter. Our winter de-icing kits are ideal for homes, offices, schools, nursing homes – in fact anywhere that gets affected by the cold, UK weather where ice and snow lie and where people need to pass through. Our kits provide a robust and safe storage unit for keeping your salt dry all year round, and we also provide essential tools to help distribute the salt and help you keep your pavements clear.

If you can’t see the kit you think you’ll need or are unsure if our kits are exactly what you require, just contact us and we’ll take care of it to ensure you have a safe winter.

Free delivery and VAT

Winter Kit 1 – White Salt

We’ve got you covered this winter with our tremendous value White Salt in 4 maxi-bags, a sturdy 100 litre grit box for storage and easy-access, and a snow shovel to get rid of stubborn snow. This kit is perfect for guarding against the winter weather and for making paths, roads and driveways much, much safer.


Winter Kit 2 – White Salt

8 Maxi bags of our fine white salt paired with a 200 litre grit box, ensures a much easier winter deicing. It comes with a snow shovel meaning you have everything you need before, during and after ice, frost and snow. Be ready for winter with this great white salt winter kit, delivered on a pallet via tail lift truck.


Winter Kit 3 – White Salt

Our biggest White Salt winter kit gives you 16 maxi bags of our high quality White Salt, a massive 400 litre grit bin to fill, and a sturdy snow shovel to combat snow and ice this winter. Reduce accidents this time of year by using our amazing value White Salt on paths, steps, driveways and more! Our team will deliver this kit on a pallet and via a tail lift truck.


Winter Kit 1 – Red Rock Salt

This amazing anti-ice and snow kit gives you everything you need to get you through the winter months. You will receive 4 Maxi bags of our amazing value and quality Rock Salt (100 kg) , and a 100 litre grit bin to store your salt neatly and safely. You can be sure that there will be no ice in sight around your premises. We’ve also got you covered against snow with an added snow shovel to use when need be.


Winter Kit 2 – Red Rock Salt

This tremendous kit includes our 8 Maxi Bags of finest Rock Salt for use on industrial areas like construction sites and car parks, a large 200 litre grit box and a snow shovel to get you through the winter. This kit is perfect for that extra push to get you through the winter and will be delivered on a pallet via tail lift truck.


Winter Kit 3 – Red Rock Salt

A heavy duty Rock Salt Winter kit in which you’ll get a large 400 litre grit bin, 16 maxi bags of our best Rock Salt and a sturdy snow shovel for getting through the coming winter months smoothly. Spread our amazing value rock salt on roads, car parks, outside industrial areas and more to prevent accident and injuries. Will be delivered from us to you on a pallet via a tail lift truck.