Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of salt do I need?

A. Rock salt is ideal for road ways, car parks and areas which don’t lead into premises that must be kept clean. It leaves a slight residue when dissolved and is a popular choice with councils and maintenance companies who grit car parks and roads. White de-icing salt is used for door steps, paths, car parks and roads where it is important that dirt is not walked into a clean area or a carpet.

Q. Do you have a minimum order?

A. Yes, a half pallet of our salt products. If you would like to order smaller quantities please call us for a quote. Individual bags can be purchased and uplifted from our main office in Paisley.

Q. How do I use de-icing salt?
A. If snow or ice is forecast, it is better to spread the salt evenly over the area to be de-iced prior to it snowing or icing over. This can be repeated as necessary. Salt can also be applied directly on top to melt snow and ice.

Q. Do you mix your salt with sand or grit?

A. No we do not. We pride ourselves in supplying only the purest rock salt and white salt.

Q. How pure is your salt?

A. Our White de-icing salt is 99% pure NaCl and our rock salt is 94% NaCl. Both of our salts conform to the British Standard for de-icing salt.

Q. Do you supply salt for resale?

A. Yes, we have plain and printed bags designed for resale. Please contact us if are interested in buying bulk loads of salt for resale. We can also bag salt in own branded bags supplied by customers.

Q. What is the weight of a Maxi Bag of salt?

A. These are not sold by weight, but they are approximately 23-26 kg.

Q. What is the weight of a bulk bag of salt?

A. These are not sold by weight, but they are approximately 950-1050 kg.

Q. Do you supply loose salt?

A. Yes. The price for loose salt on our website does not include delivery. Please call the office for a competitive quote on loose salt.

Q. Is the salt edible?

A. No, it is intended only for de-icing purposes and must not be eaten under any circumstances. We have created salt data safety sheets for further information.

Q. Is de-icing salt safe?

A. De-icing Salt is unlikely to cause harmful effect under normal conditions of handling and use, please look at the safety data sheets in the website if you are in any doubt or would like more information.

Q. Do you operate over the holiday periods?

A. We are available 7 days a week, all winter.

Q. Does the price include delivery?

A. Yes, the price you see is a delivered price for our bulk bags and pallets of salt.  The price shown also includes VAT so there are no hidden charges at the checkout.

Q. Do you deliver Saturdays?

A. Yes, we can deliver on a Saturday. Saturday deliveries incur a £50 surcharge, so many of our customers choose a Friday delivery. The prices listed on the website do not include a Saturday delivery.

Q. Can I specify a time?

A. You can specify A.M (before 13:00) or P.M for an extra £10.00, this is over 98% successful.

Q. Does the price include VAT?

A. Yes, the prices listed include VAT.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. We will only offer a refund if there is a fault with our products.

Q. How is the delivery made?

A. Our deliveries are made via a pallet network.  Pallets are delivered by an HGV lorry with a tail lift to the nearest kerb side.  Pallets can be moved short distances over flat, smooth ground but cannot be moved up or down hill due to the weight. Please view our Delivery Information page for more detailed information.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. You can cancel your order before the Goods have left us. If the Goods have already been uplifted by a haulier then you will be liable for any costs incurred, although the price of the salt may still be refundable.

Q. What is your lead times for deliveries over the festive period?

A. As our nationwide deliveries are made via a pallet network we are unable to offer deliveries for orders placed on the website over the Christmas period. Orders placed on or after the 22nd of December are unlikely to arrive before the 6th of January. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure.