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Getting Ready for Winter

Getting Ready for Winter

Preparing for Winter

As autumn draws to a close and the frsoty morning become more frequent we realise that winter is just around the corner. Changing seasons can mark a time of change for many, but winter is  more pressing as we need to be prepared should we experience another winter as notable as the 'Beast from the East'.  From simple tasks like re-arranging your cupboards to packing kit in your car, we have created a guide on how to prepare for winter and make sure you are all stocked up and ready for whatever weather the winter throws at us.

Your home

Cleaning out your gutters and checking pipes and drains is a good start for getting your home ready for winter. Gutters collect rain water and guide it away from your house. Any blockages can cause the water to overflow, or worse still, freeze over if its gets very cold and this can damage your property. Prevention is definitely better than a cure in this instance!

Look out draught excluders and blankets for keeping yourself nice and snug during the cold winter nights.

Schedule your annual boiler and central heating service before winter approaches to make sure there are no issues and reduce the risk of it breaking down when you need it most. You can use this opportunity to bleed your radiators. Removing any air bubbles in the system will allow your radiators to heat up to their full capacity – keeping you warmer AND saving you money.
Look for external problems. Can you check your guttering for build up and blockages? Are there any damaged pipes that look like they may get worse? You can also trim back any tree branches that could potentially break during wild weather.

Access issues can become a problem on steps, paths and driveways. Keep a snow shovel nearby and stock some de-icing salt (which you can Buy Here). Applying de-icing salt before the temperature hits freezing point will prevent ice from forming and keep these areas safe.

Our taste buds change in winter as we crave more wholesome, filling foods. Think gravies, stews and creamy pasta dishes. Take some time to rid your cupboards of half used jars of pickles and salad dressings, and replace them with winter warming spices and gravy to keep you satisfied on the cold nights.

Out and About

When the weather gets really bad you should consider if your journey is really necessary. During the worst days of the Beast from The East, weather warnings were in place advising people to only travel if absolutely necessary.  It’s no wonder – several cars had to be abandoned and delivery vehicles and emergency service vehicles ended up stranded. You can do a few things to prepare you for winter driving.

Inspect your windscreen wipers and top up your screen wash fluid regularly. The sun hangs low in the sky in the afternoon, and a lot of muck and residue can be sprayed onto your window from passing vehicles.

Regular car maintenance checks should take place. Check your lights before each journey, check your coolant level, your oil level and check your tyre tread and pressure. You need to make sure you are visible in the darker days, and that you are driving a safe vehicle. 

Keep an emergency winter kit in your car. You can include handy items like a high vis vest, warmer layers and a blanket, a shovel, water, torch, de-icing salt, sand or grit, non-perishable food and an emergency first aid kit.

Being prepared for the worst of winter will help when the weather gets a bit challenging. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. We are lucky enough to have distinct seasons in the UK and there are many benefits and things to love about winter. If you can get out and enjoy the weather – you should.

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