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Salt Production around the world

Salt Production around the world

As one of the most important and useful minerals to us , we are lucky that there is so much salt on earth to sustain our needs. There are  several grades of salt available in the world and specific methods are used for producing the different types.

Salt Mining

Typically the red or brown rock salt we use for gritting roads and car parks is mined from ancient deposits. Millions of years ago there was salt water covering areas in England, in particular Cheshire, and when this water evaporated the chains of shallow sea water formed huge deposits of salt. This salt is gathered using deep shaft mining techniques, much like mining for any other mineral. During the mining process other minerals are collected with the salt producing a distinct colour, and this is why when the solution has been used to melt snow and ice a small residue is often left behind. This doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the salt – the red rock salt that we supply online is 99% NaCI and perfect for de-icing out door areas.

Solution Mining

Solution mining is the main method used for producing table salt for general consumption. Wells are created above the salt beds and fresh water is pumped into the well to dissolve the salt. The solution that is created is then pumped out of the well and taken to a manufacturing plant where it is left to evaporate before being packaged and sold to consumers.

Solar Evaporation

This means of salt production is when the product is harvested directly from salt that has evaporated from sea water or salt lakes. The weather elements play a massive part in the evaporation process – salt and wind cause the water to evaporate from shallow pools and leaves large deposits of salt. It is best to leave this salt to develop before collecting it, and for this reason it is typically harvested around once a year when it reaches a specific thickness. This is the method used for producing our white rock salt. It is a solar salt collected from Europe that is 99% pure NaCI, and is a common choice for de-icing areas with a high footfall going indoors. This is because when the salt melts the ice, the solution leaves no residue. You can buy red rock salt and white solar salt online from us, or if you are looking to buy in bulk don’t hesitate to call.