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Different Types of Salt and Their Uses

Different Types of Salt and Their Uses

Salt has been important to humans for thousands of years – and all life depends on it in one way or another. Salt is necessary in the human diet as it is an essential mineral for survival. It is said that salts ability to preserve food was a founding contributor to civilisation as it allowed different foodstuffs to be stored and transported many miles, and reduced humans’ dependency on the availability (or lack) of seasonal foods.

Nowadays there are many different types of salt available, and they all have different benefits to humans. Lets have a look at some below.

Food Grade Salt

Our bodies need sodium and chloride (salt) daily to survive (approximately 2.3 grams per day!). These nutrients are an essential part of life and as the human body cannot produce salt this all comes from other foods or salt as an additive. There are LOTS of different food grade salts available and all of them have different benefits – too many to mention here!


Like humans, animals also require both sodium and chloride to remain healthy. Food grade animal salt is used worldwide to help keep our livestock healthy. In most cases salt is added into animal feed, and you will probably be familiar with a salt lick – a block of rock salt commonly found in stables for horses to lick as required.

Water Softener

Salt is used as a water softener and added to brine tanks joined onto main water tanks in settings where the water is classed as ‘hard’. The process in which this works is called an Ion Exchange.

Industrial Chemicals

Salt is widely used as a raw ingredient in the production of different chemicals. It is used in the production of many different everyday household items, including dyes, detergents, soaps, and even paper.


Salt is the most effective and economical de-icing product available. It is used extensively throughout the world on roads and pavements to melt ice, and keep roads safe. Without de-icing salt our lives would come to a stand-still, and many of us would be isolated if unable to walk or travel safely during bouts of bad weather. Thankfully de-icing salt is readily available in the UK and there are many parties involved in winter maintenance. It’s not a bad idea to have your own supply ready – just in case you need it.