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Half pallet of large white salt bags for de-icing ice and snow. 

These bags are a perfect solution for your essential winter maintenance and will enable you to grit your paths, car parks and pavements. Our maxi bags of white salt are a preferred choice for yards, shopping centres and business premises and is used to make these areas safer during the winter months. 

A half pallet of our large white salt bags will give you 20 bags of clean, white de-icing salt.Each bag of salt contains high quality, white solar marine salt that has been treated with anti-caking agents (50 mg/kg) to stop it forming lumps and clumping together. The large bags are perfect for long term storage as the bags protect the salt, so there is no need to worry if you do not use them straight away.

  • 20 large bags of white solar marine salt per pallet. Each bag weighs approx 23 - 26 kg.
  • Stacked sensibly to avoid overhang on pallets – removes the risk of any damage in transmit and allows for easier storage of more than one pallet
  • Leaves little to no residue once used making it perfect for high footfall areas where cleanliness is an issue
  • Clean, dry white salt flows freely through spreaders
  • Works quickly in bad conditions
  • Once spread, the white salt helps prevent refreezing when the temperatures lower
  • Fast delivery available to all UK Mainland locations
  • Treated with anti-caking treatment 50 mg/kg
  • Conforms to British Standard BS3247

Our large bags of white salt contain the highest-grade white salt available in the UK that complies to BS3247. We are committed to only supplying quality de-icing salt to our customers and do not mix in any additives like sand or grit. Pure salt is more effective at melting ice and snow.

Your pallet of 20 large bags of white salt will be delivered to the nearest kerbside or hard standing with a tail lift. 

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20 x White De-Icing Salt Bags

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