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White Salt

Salt and Grit Solutions supply clean, white de-icing salt.

We supply high quality, white, de-icing salt. Our white salt is solar marine salt and is the highest grade of de-icing salt available to buy in the UK. It is the perfect de-icing solution. Our white salt is pure NaCl with no unwanted additives like sand or grit. A little anti-caking agent is added to stop lumps forming. White de-icing salt is the preferred choice for use with spreading equipment as it is dry and free flowing and will move easily through the spreaders.

As bulk loads specialists we can cater for large orders easily and will work with our network of hauliers to secure a great haulage deal and we will offer competitive salt prices. Whatever your requirements are for white de-icing salt please get in touch as we are happy to help.

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Why choose white de-icing salt?

White de-icing salt is the cleanest de-icing salt option. Once melted and used it leaves little to no residue making it the best choice for use on doorsteps, pathways and high traffic areas. White salt is an effective de-icing salt that is excellent at melting snow and ice. If white de-icing salt is used as a preventative measure when lower temperatures are forecasted it can prevent frost and ice from forming. This is great news if you are looking to keep your sites open and safe regardless of the weather conditions.

How do we supply white de-icing salt?

Like our rock salt, our white salt is available in different bag and pallet sizes. We know from experience that white salt is more popular with businesses and schools because of the fact that it is cleaner, so we have packaged this into a smaller bag size that is lighter and easier for our customers to handle.  We call these smaller bags our ‘carry bags’ and they come in at approx. 10kg each. We have larger bags and bulk bags of white de-icing salt available to purchase online, and we can easily arrange for loose loads to be uplifted or delivered to site.